What a treat for today

Posted by Cornelius Sloat on Wednesday, 15 October 2008

So everyone anticipated that Apple was going to release new laptops a month or so ago for its special event. Turns out it was new iPods, which was exciting but not as exciting as new notebooks. Well today, Apple announced their new lines of notebooks and they look awesome. The specs indicates that the new MBP's are even more powerful than my G5 with way more capabilities. Since my G5 is aged, had gone through a few surgeries, have a tendency to overheat and simply getting a little sluggish... I needed a new computer, and a mobile one to top that. So this is perfect.

The new LED monitor makes it a perfect match too as that is the current display set up I have - A 24" main and a 15" second monitor. Of course, all with the benefit of less chunky stuff floating around. It is a little unfortunate about the clockspeed. I have a thing for whole numbers and Apple is shipping 3GHz iMacs and MacPros. For some reason the MBP is capped at 2.8GHz atm. Maybe the next generation...


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